Macizo project

Macizo Project

The Macizo mining project involves the extraction, treatment and commercialization of the feldspar minerals and its high-grade derivatives, that corresponding to an industrial or non-metallic minerals

Observing One developed the phase I of the project through the pre-operations company Minera Estanco S.A., while made the explorations and the next phases through the productive and commercial company Minera Macizo S.A., which is the owner of 100% of the Macizo mine. 

Feldspar is mainly used on industrial applications due to its alumina and alkali content wich are an important part of the raw materials for manufacturing ceramics, glass, paints, plastics and rubber, as well as other applications such as hardening and Advanced Ceramics

The mining Project was prepared to be executed in 30 years and considers administrative cost calculation, preparations of the mineralized ore body, extraction and transfer to the treatment plant, finally to execute the marketing and sales of high-grade derivatives Feldspar. Control measures of efficiency and losses were considered additionally to the contingency budget and meticulous investment scheme to reach a production of 500,000 tons / year in 10 years (first third of the implementation period) in order to take advantage of the opportunity of high grade ore found in Macizo and selling it with added-value on the market

  • Atacama, Chile

  • Industrial Minerals

  • USD 124.000.000

  • Observing One and associate founds

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Phase 2
Phase 3
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Evaluation parameters for Macizo project

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Projected Cash Flow for Macizo S.A.

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