The construction of a heatmap provides a quick vision of complexity and impact level of the different milestones of a project from a control matrix. In general it is very important to take the control of the time, resources, expectations and always maintain the overall assessment made of an specific activity developed in a project to determine the necessary edge conditions to enable the achievement of it and knowing that the activity is part of a relevant milestone the managers should to prioritize the allocated resources to other activities, define appropriate times within which these other activities are done, keeping the focus by the milestone compliance

Appropriate project scale are selected to identify levels of complexity and impact of each milestone and arranged according to their weighted valuation in a Cartesian axis

One aspect of particular interest is the calculation of the variance in the original position of a milestone in a heat map, since it gives a measure of risk control of a project. With this tool it is possible to apply corrective initiatives of global scope to prosecute the achievement of the main objective

It is relevant in a heatmap to distinguish between the acceleration should have a parameter with respect to other. The weighting effect is given by a different acceleration, which generally coincides with reality

The process

  • Impact scale identification
  • Complexity or probabilistic scale identification
  • Weighting of each milestone
  • Dispersion analysis to introduce corrective effects