Critical activitity modeling

Critical activities modeling

Observing One works hard in organizing the critical activities of a project, building a map of the essential activities differentiated on functional areas and classified on temporal phases

The result of this effort is obtain a MILESTONES in an activities matrix control for the project, which is according to the company strategic criteria that is a better way to unify the monitoring and control progress procedures toward the objective pursued

Each milestone represents a progress unit of the project that can be valued according to their compliance and give the chance to identify in a timeline the degree of achievement of the specific objectives and their contribution to the achievement of the project objective and do it at each stage, so it easier to identify the priorities and allows allocate resources to the different functional areas of the company

One of the great achievements this procedure allows is to verify the budgetary plans for functional areas of the company that are formed to develop the project to be meticulous in using investments


The uncertainty model is ideal to counter the view that the people have about the high-risk in a project and allows to control the uncertainty reduction and valorize it adequately to the risk stage

The process

  • Selection of the criticality model
  • Identification of the functional interrelationship of activities by area
  • Identification of the temporal interrelationship of activities by area
  • Grouping activities by milestones