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Experience on value creation

The company is focuses on creating value from own significant assets or in partnership with thirds, on which performs the necessary studies to determine the potential business opportunity. During this process we select the prospect in which the triad “Value+Opportunity+Temporality” is seen clearly to proceed to apply the operational risk analysis that helps to build the uncertainty curve model

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Uncertainty curve

Critical activity modeling

It is key to a project to define all critical activities and their temporal and functional interrelationship

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Heat map

The heat map contributes to the weight of the milestones of a project based on at least two central parameters that significantly affect the achievement of each milestone, such as Impact and Complexuity or Probability

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Uncertainty curve model

This model allows quantify the operational risks in all the project areas that be analyzed and it makes in an integral and continuous way over the time. It it based on multifunctional milestones through all areas of the project in order to collect all the risk that is feasible predict to bring them to a milestones management schema. In the case of large projects permits to check the progress and allows to develop a project valuation based on the fulfillment of those milestones

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Model application

The modeling always present a main orientation depending on the detected market opportunity, creating an emphasis on certain parameters of the project under study and some cases slight modifications on weights are presented in niche projects. Observing One emphasizes early identification of operational risks and makes a careful specification of the acceleration parameters associated with heat map, in order to better represent the weighting of the uncertainty

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Mining in Chile

The best and complete world class habitat for mining

Chile's mining development is complete, comprehensive, vigorous and relevant to the national economy, so the regulator is meticulous when define plans to develop and the legal context, allowing the existence of long-term policies

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